Enjoy The Difference

We produce coffee which is organic with the best qualities. The coffee that we produce is unique because they have the common features with that of the flower Yasmin (Jasmine). As we all know Yasmin flower are with attractive petals, Sweet and pleasant scents and admired as well as loved by everyone. The same is true for our coffee its loganberry and attractive, with sweet aroma, have unique history and loved as well as enjoyed by everyone. our coffees are organic certified and we export this certified and organic specialty coffee which is traceable directly from our farm throughout the world.

90 years of experience & still going strong !
Empower Woman

Our company believes in empowering women. And this means empowering the entire family and community. We believe in the power of women and our organization is being successful because of the effort of the women (specially our sales manager and 4th generation). So we can say a woman is base to every success and we do have also a quote which is written by our sales manager and the 4th generation of our company Yasmin coffee plantation p.l.c Ms. Sumeya Yasin.

what We are looking forward in 2016 ?


we want to enagge our production with those Who are looking for best organic Arabica traceable coffee with sustainable family relation


we are looking to expand it to direct coffee buyers and roasters throughout the world.


Since sharing is caring we are very thrilled To share our coffee history to the entire world and also share experiences.because we share in order to show that we care


The plantation of Coffee which is result of many people involvement and contribution. The contribution is to change our self and the globe and achieving growth in more directions.