About Yasmin Coffee Plantation

**We cooperatively work with our out growers and the community people with love and respect. We help our out growers as well as give support to the community peoples by giving them awareness through training on aspects like keeping their hygiene as well as their environment clean and suitable for working conditions, to wisely use our natural ... Read more

Land is precious resource

we work
We are not only engaged in production of coffee we also reforest and afforest lands in order to increase soil fertility ,to obtain sufficient amount of rain ,to prevent soil erosion, to keep the balance of nature, to control the global warming as per our side, to inherit land that is fertile productive and which can server the next generation,, to maintain the beauty of nature
“Since Land and Water are the precious resources of one generation.” And natural resources are the base and key to the change and development of community and country. So our aim is to maintain and use it wisely without misusing it. It's obvious that “one hand can't clap” so we can't do it alone so we actively work with our community.
**We believe in supporting and guiding each other for a better success and change. The reason behind helping and supporting our out growers are to help them be aware of many things, to let them produce qualitative, quantitative products, make them successful and help them to stand with their own two feet, to let them help others like we did for them to change one another's life. And through these system we can change our life, others life, the community, our country as well as the world. Plus we have a tagline that states about our activity.

Aims of
  • to embrace the world with the best Ethiopian coffee
  • to certify the coffee of hid out growers
  • to increase the coffee quality and quantity
  • to build school around our farm area to combat different problems that the children face especially the ladies
  • to give more training for its out growers self-sufficient and independent by giving awareness and increase the number of out growers and helping and supporting them morally, financially and give them materials like bed, bed net , plastics selected variety seeding.. Etc.
  • to build processing machineries around the farm area
  • to change the life of people who walks in coffee area and the community.

Yes We Care


Increase soil fertility


we are not only planting coffee but also try our best to keep our environment safe

protect nature


to keep the balance of nature we work hard to keep our surroungind clean and green

control global warming


we believe one person can change the world as part of the world we fulfill our obligation in controlling global warming

Saving For generations


to inherit a land which is fertile ,productive and which can server generations ahead .

Obtain Sufficient Rain


in order to obtain suffiencetn rain for our production we are ingaged in afforesting tress