The emergence of coffee in Anfillo .



Anfillo & Coffee


Anfillo is one of the woreda found in the Oromiya regional state in Kellem Wellaga Zone, which is located in western part of the country, bordering Gambella regional state. It's about 722km away from Addis Ababa. Historically Anfillo is known by dense forest diversified with different species of plant and animals. Its total area is estimated to be 157,000hec. Of this 60% accounts to forest and other forest related plantation and the rest 40% is covered with Bush, Shrubs and grass land. Due to the abundant forest coverage long period of rainy season is accustomed to the area and the rainy season starts in April and lasts in November with average temperature of 20-25°c. In these area there are three (3) Agro climatic zone which the nine (9) kebele's are in Dega, seven (7) are in Weynadega and the rest ten are in Kola Agro climatic zone. Excessive rainfall amount results for number of rivers and spring highland area built the lower catchment of Baro Acobo River which is tributary to Abay and which contribute the Abay basin.

As some secondary source of history states Anfillo and Coffee have their own
historical background. As Evangelist Fite Bire states on the first publish, he explained that "A black people that belong to Congo nation (nationality) migrated to Keffa forest of Ethiopia and settled as home ". After a long period of time some of the groups expand to West Wellaga, which is the present place of Anfillo woreda in Oromiya zone.
Then, starting from their emergence, Coffee plantations have been seen in Anfillo forest. In this case, as Keffa is the origin of coffee, it is estimated to be that they are bringing coffee from Keffa .out written documents; some Algerian individuals raise different suggestion. Of these suggestion an 85 years old man Suramo Beng suggests that 'it is a
bless of God!"Coffee is the gift that God only give for Anfillo!!!