Anfillo & Coffee (1974-1981)


During the derg regime (1974-1981)

Coffee and tea authority is a part of the federal government. It start Developing anything related with coffee and tea such as fruit and spice. Special attention would be given to increase production and productivity ofarea by devising Coffee Improvement Project Area (CIPA).then Anfillo is one of the project site from nine coffee growing zone. CIPA is European Union foundation whose aims are production increment and quality standard. Being with the government, facilitation pre condition on any activities done regarding conducing the Environments and Success. The general objective of planning includes the social as well as economical grounds. At the end of 1974 it began with General Agro Ecology study, potential assessment, labor accessibility, pest and disease identification would be conducted for preparation of operational plan. Assistance with implementation, trainee of development agent and activated farmers began to participate in action.

Based on desired plan, opening of nursery site and demonstration plot, supply of operational accessory and introduction of selected variety, subsidization of agricultural input, delivering minimum lending interest rate, and free charge of seedling including transportation cost enhance the farmers. They made to place best practice seen on demonstration plot practically on their farm. This made the farmers to convert their cultural practice in technological principles. Then, this make the farmers to replacement of old tree by new plantation and Other improved management practice is widely take place in all kebele of the Woreda. By doing so with in few years production and productivity per hectares increased radically