Anfillo & Coffee (1991-2012)


Post derg regime (1991-2012)

After down fall of the derg regime Ethiopia People Democratic Front (EPRDF) set a policy on Agriculture and rural development to secure food scarcity and insufficient foreign exchange occur in the country. This began by training development agents so as to develop the awareness of farmers towards agricultural technologies following introduction of selected crops variety. After a while on the beginning of 2002 five agricultural department (crop science, natural resource conservation and utilization and Animal science, Animal heath and market study training have been to recruited 10 grade completed student in Agricultural technical vocational and training in Diploma level .This trained groups started to train farmers in both theoretical and practical in the training center . This combined effort resolved scarcity challenges with in interval of 5 years operational plan. On the other hand it facilitated specialization and diversification in Agricultural transformation. At the end of 2007 revised Agricultural Extension service set development corner to emphasize on production and quality standard to lead to agricultural commercialization. In this case the western part made specialized coffee, species and honey where as the middle and eastern parts engaged on crop production and raising Animals. The government takes an impressive action in assistance with implementation money independently. This was spent for additional new nursery site, preparation of seed, operational accessory, potential assessment and technical supervision. To maximize the desired objective, removal of old tree, stumping of unproductive plot and new plantation in adjacent to improve management practice widely took place in all over the kebele's (The farmer association). Due to these reason total production and productivity per hectares radically changed and it leads for expansion of processing machine. Now a day 20 wet processing and 15 dry processing industry are established in different kebele. Of the processing industry this is one of it for sample and its wet processing machinery in found in UBURE. UBURE is one of the kebele found in Anfillo. Well known wet processing machinery in Anfillo (UBURE). Then, Anfillo was capable to produce 12,340 tone washed and dry bean coffee for national market which accelerated local and national economy of the country.