It's Located In Oromiya Region, Kellem Wellaga Zone, Anfillo Wereda, Yeti Village And In Specific Place Called Shewer Yaga.

*Total Area Is 155.4 Hec (55.4 Inherited From Family & 100 Taken From Government By Lease).
*Yasmin Is Certified By Eu, Nop & Jaz.
*Of the 155.4 Hec 105 Hec Is Cultivated.
*The Type Of Coffee Is Organic Natural Forest Coffee.
*We Don't Use Chemical Fertilizer, But We Use Organic Fertilizers Like That
Of Manures And Compost (The Compost Is Made Of Green Leaf, But Bear In Mind That The Compost Has No Any Chemicals).
*We Plant Different Plants That Increase Soil Fertility Like Gravillia,
Legion Plants And Accassia Melexeloni
* Its Altitude Is 1650 -1703m.
* Its Temperature Is 20°C -25°C (Room Temperature).
*Annual Average Rainfall Is 1750mm.
*The Type Of Soil Is Laterite And Clay Sandy
*We Cultivate Coffee, Reforest And Afforest Land. We Practice These
Activities Meaning The Reforestation And Afforestation:-
°In order To Increase & Maintain The Soil Fertility.
°To Keep And Maintain Balance Of Nature.
To Inherit The Land Which Is More Fertile and Productive Land to the Next Generation .Since Land Has Become the Precious Resource.