Our Achievement2002-2014


After he took the 100hec land he first afforests the land by trees and
some legume plants to increase and maintain the soil fertility. Also to prevent soil erosion as well as keep the balance of nature.
After removing the old coffee trees the land will be reforested by
some legume plants and big trees that can fix Nitrogen like Gravilla, Acacia Melexeloni, and large plants which will serve as a shade for the new planted coffee trees. And the legume plants will be cut and the new coffee plant which is selected variety from the nursery site will be replaced.
Plant trees to be planted for reforesting and afforesting the land in the 2nd nursery site. Due to reforestation of the land by big plant trees, the environment is able to have suitable and favorable climate as well as temperature and rainfall. Not only that it's very attractive and will make you admire nature.

Yasmin coffee plantation has two nursery sites. In the nursery site new trees which are highly disease resistance capacity, more productive, has good taste and flavor (aroma) and Selected variety coffee plants.

Yasmin coffee plantation as provide job opportunity for almost 120 blue collars (seasonal labor workers) and 15 permanent workers and their families are living on the area for several years.This site helped peoples to improve their life by working there. The 15 permanents are 2 Agronomists, vice manager on the site, 5 guards, 2 cashier, 2 chief, 2 drivers and an administrator. Yasmin encourage peoples who are hard workers by giving bonus. And this bonus will initiate others to work hard in order to get that bonus payment.

Yasmin has contributed much in the conservation and maintenance of soil fertility. Like by the action reforestation and afforesting land, by plants different Nitrogen fixing plants like that of legume plants, Acacia specious, Robusta shrubs¼etc . These plants play a major role in keeping or maintaining soil and land, Not only that also as shade and maintenance of light transpiration.