About Yasmin


Our Mission
Our mission is to produce the best quality organics coffee and export it throughout the world to increase the demand of Ethiopian coffee as well as to promote and share to the world coffee of wallaga zone in Oromiya region specifically Anfillo it's obvious that there is high coffee production in Anfillo area but it's not that much known so we what to share it, promote as well as brand the coffee to increase the visibility.
Our Vision
To increase the demand of our company and country coffee throughout the world. To brand our coffee and certify our out growers coffee as well. And become one of best quality coffee producer and export in the world that is managed by women who is the 4th generation and still very young.

Nature of our plantations


Who WE Are


Our farm is located at Oromia Region,Kellem Wellega zone, Anfilo wereda, yeti kebele in specified place called shewer yoga total area is 155.4 hec(55.4 inherited from family and 100 taken from government by lease) we are certified by EU & NOP)



from the 155.4 hec land 105 is cultivated we produce organic natural forest coffee we export unwashed lekemti Grade 2& 3 Our coffee identities are its long berry, aroma, well balanced, bright and citrus acidity, balanced, fruity, tight and juicy body, elegant, pleasant...etc



its altitude is 1650-1703m temprature 20-25 annual aaverage rainfal is 1750mm type of soil is laterite and clay sandy