Yasmin's Biography



Generation of the coffee land


The first generation of the coffee land was Mr.UMER USMAN .He was the grandfather of Yasin. MR.UMER USMAN Mr.UMER USMAN lived from 1840-1970 almost 130 years. He was born in Jimma in 1840 and was relative to the royal family who used to administrate the state of Jimma with the ABBA JIFAR (r.1830-1934) royal family. 1909 he came toAnfillo and started to live there and through time he bought a land with an area of 55.4hec in Shewer Yaga and started to cultivate coffee on the land not only that as I heard from my father, he used to reforest lands. He was very strong person and very well known as well as influential person. Even if the way of his cultivation was traditional he used to have awareness about how to conserve soil. The reason why I said this is if he has misused the soil Mr.Ahimed and Mr.Yasin wouldn't be capable of using the same coffee land that he used, since it takes many years for recovery of misused land or soil. And his contribution was regarding soil conservation and reforestation. He got married in that place and had 5 children, 4 girls and a boy. The boy was Ahimed son of Umer and father of Yasin. Then Umer inherited the land to Ahimed in 1950 but before that they used to work together. After Ahimed inherited the land he also started to cultivate the coffee land.



Generation of the coffee land

AHIMED UMER (1927-2000) G.C

He was the second person to cultivate the coffee land. He was born in a place in Anfillo specifically called MUGI. And after he inherited the land from his father he started to cultivate by his own. And planted coffee trees on the reforested area and increasing the amount of coffee plants on the area. He used the same way as his father but still there is some modification. Of the modifications he planted more coffee trees than his father, created job opportunities for others by letting them work with him plus he used to initiate others to start cultivation of coffee. He used to be loved and respected due to his good behavior, caring for others and also because he had blood relation with royal families.H
e got married. And he had 7 children (4 girls & 3 boys). Of his children Yasin used to help & support his father during his spare time. Yasin was more active than the others in having awareness about the way of cultivation coffee and activities related to coffee plantation. So his father planed to inherit the coffee land to Yasin. After Yasin accomplished his secondary school (grade 12) he was also planning to work on coffee cultivation. And his father inherited him the land and he was glad about that because his goals have been achieved and within two years he arranged situation and started work in the year 2002.



Generation and Existence of
Yasmin Coffee plantation P.L.C.


In the year 2002 g.c he started to cultivate the coffee land and through time improve the way of cultivation and other activities. He replaced the old coffee trees by new trees, planted coffee trees on lands that were not covered with coffee trees

Gradually, they shift their own property to investment by taking additional 100hec of land from Oromiya investment to commercialize their farm by naming Yasmin coffee plantation Plc in January 2011.
The name Yasmin is derived from flower which has an amazing scent (fragrance) also has attractive petal and not only that of his children his 3rd daughters name is Yasmin. Our coffee is also equivalent to the flower Yasmin, the flower Yasmin has pleasant smell, attractive petals and loved & needed by everyone. And our coffee is fruity, spicy & has pleasant coffee smell, attractive texture after being roasted and it's also loved and needed by everyone. Yasin was having a willing to start exportation in 2009 and was unsuccessful due to some situation but he never gives up on his willing that was the reason why he took the 100hec from the government by lease. The in the year 2012 he competed everything required for exportation and exported his coffee to America.